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Rabbit Care Basics

Rabbit Care Basics


Owning a rabbit can be a lot of fun! Check out some of our Rabbit Care Basics:



  • Use large dog crates or baby gates to help facilitate an enclosed, indoor environment for the rabbit.
  • Make sure the rabbit has an accessible litter box and enough space to move around/exercise.
  • Remove electrical wires and be wary of furniture that might be chewed up.



  • Allow the rabbit to have unlimited access to hay and clean water.
  • Rabbits have a high metabolism!
  • Make sure to add green leafy vegetables to the rabbit’s diet, avoiding those with high sugar or calcium content, and limit the amount of pellets offered.
  • Treats are yummy, but give them sparingly!



  • Rabbit teeth never stop growing! Chew toys help keep teeth comfortable and prevent boredom.
  • Make sure the rabbit has access to chew toys. Some examples include: wooden toys, chew ropes, woven grass toys and puzzle toys.
  • Regularly introduce new items to increase exploratory behaviors.



  • Make sure your rabbit is up to date on vaccinations.
  • Vaccinations and neutering/spaying your rabbit can lengthen the rabbit’s life.
  • Schedule regular checkups with your vet.
  • Rabbits can live around 8-12 years. Owning a rabbit is a commitment!


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