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Reality of Euthanasia

OC Animal Care must consider several factors before making an animal available for adoption. The welfare of the animal and the safety of the public are our first priority, therefore, not all animals are suitable for placement. OC Animal Care is a managed-admission shelter to the cities and unincorporated areas that we serve. We offer refuge, medical care, nourishment, and a second chance to more than 30,000 stray, abused or unwanted animals each year. Unfortunately, until there are no longer any sick, injured, aggressive, or unpredictable animals, euthanasia will still be a reality in the animal welfare industry. Simply turning a back on these animals and merely pronouncing that euthanasia should not exist will not make euthanasia go away.

The only way to enact real, lasting change is through community cooperation. This is why OC Animal Care is committed to focusing our efforts on community education, partnerships with non-profit animal rescue adoption partners and in-shelter volunteer and foster programs. Please consider helping us save lives by getting involved. We can't win this fight to end animal homelessness without you!

Straight Talk About Euthanasia

There are many reasons owners have their animals euthanized, including old age, illness, and serious behavior problems. OC Animal Care understands that this is one of the most difficult decisions a pet owner will have to make, and we are here to help you.

Many pet owners have questions and concerns about the euthanasia process. Please know that we treat your animal compassionately during the entire procedure. Here is some basic information about our procedure:

  1. Our euthanasia technicians are trained and caring.
    The staff members responsible for euthanasia are trained and caring. They know how to keep animals calm and they make the procedure as painless and anxiety-free as possible.
  2. The procedure is painless and humane.
    Euthanasia is by injection only. This is the method endorsed and approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the ASPCA, and the Humane Society of the United States. A lethal dosage of sodium pentobarbital is injected into a vein. The drug, which works quickly and effectively, is designed to first put the animal to sleep and then stop its heart. There is no discomfort or pain associated with the procedure.
  3. Animals are treated with the respect they deserve.
    Every animal that must be euthanized is given the compassion and respect he/she deserves. We believe every animal deserves the best possible end-of-life experience.
  4. Communal Cremation is included.
    With communal cremation, no ashes are returned to the pet owner.

How Can You Help?

Everyone can help eradicate unnecessary euthanasia in our community. Here are 10 simple steps to help save lives:

  1. Spay/Neuter your pet(s)
  2. Keep your pets safely confined
  3. Teach your pets basic manners
  4. Keep your pet(s) current on all vaccinations
  5. Make sure your pet(s) wear ID tags with current contact information
  6. Microchip your pet and keep registration information current
  7. Adopt your pet rather than purchasing
  8. Foster homeless animals and help them find a home
  9. Volunteer your time at a local animal shelter
  10. Donate toward a lifesaving program