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Pet Safety Tips: New Year's Fireworks

New Years Dog

With New Year’s Eve Festivities right around the corner, let’s take a look at some Pet Safety Tips Surrounding Fireworks:

  • Bring Your Pets Inside: The loud noises and flash of the fireworks can cause your pets to get scared and run away. Don’t bring your pet along to a firework display, they will feel more safe and secure at home
  • Microchip and ID Your Pets: Make sure your pet has visible ID tags and a microchip with updated information. If your pet is lost during the festivities, someone will be able to contact you if they find your missing pet.
  • Provide a Safe and Secure Space: Have a space designated for your pet such as a quiet room or crate. Provide them with treat toys such as a Kong to help keep them busy and distracted. Playing calming music or keeping the T.V. on can also help cancel out the loud noises.
  • Exercise Early in the Day: Walk and play with your pet to tire them out before the fireworks begin to help alleviate stress and avoid accidents. While Walking before and after festivities, watch out for leftover firework debris.

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