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Coyote Awareness

Coyote Encounter

Have you seen a coyote in your area recently? #LetsPaws and check out some tips in case you encounter a coyote.

Tips to Avoid Coyote Encounters:

  • Supervise domestic pets when outdoors, especially during early morning or evening hours.
  • Feed your pets indoors.
  • Keep your property maintained and free of areas that could serve as a den such as wood piles and thick brush.
  • Store trash in covered heavy-duty containers.
  • Utilize motion-activated lighting and sprinklers when possible.

Tips if you Encounter a Coyote:

  • Make eye contact and be LOUD; yell or use tools to make noise.
  • Wave your arms, stomp your feet, and throw small sticks or small stones near the coyote but never at the coyote.
  • Use an air horn or whistle to startle the coyote.
  • Follow-through and keep hazing until the coyote leaves the area, not just until it gives distance.
  • Never haze a coyote when you are with small children or pets. Keep yourself between them and slowly back away. Don’t turn your back on the coyote.


If you would like to report your coyote encounter, click HERE.

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