Shelter Volunteer Positions


OC Animal Care will provide training to all volunteers. Volunteers are required to complete training for each position in which they are selected to serve.

 Dog Walker

Dog walkers exercise and socialize dogs that are currently available for adoption. Through this interaction, volunteers provide the dogs with mental stimulation creating a healthier, happier, more adoptable dog. Some volunteers work with dogs to develop good manners, such as walking well on a leash, that will help them be more successful in their new homes. Dog walkers may also bathe adoptable dogs as needed.

Cat Socializer


Cat socializers work with cats that are currently available for adoption, providing them with mental stimulation and practice being handled in various manners. By doing so, volunteers help to improve the cats’ quality of life and prepare them for adoption into loving homes.

Rabbit Socializer


Rabbit socializers handle rabbits that are currently available for adoption at the shelter. Some rabbits are not used to being handled and these volunteers help to create more social, and thus more adoptable, bunnies.


Greeter/Customer Service

These volunteers greet and offer assistance to the public at OC Animal Care’s front gate. Greeters are a visitor's first contact with OC Animal Care and, through their warm greeting and courtesy, may influence a person's decision to adopt an animal from the shelter.

Community Events/Special Shelter Events

Volunteers act as shelter ambassadors and help to spread the mission of OC Animal Care throughout the community. Volunteers participating in special events, both on-site and off-site, help to promote the adoption of shelter animals. Through education and a positive attitude, these volunteers help build lasting relationships with the community OC Animal Care serves.

Clerical Support

Volunteers assist shelter staff with various office projects, helping to improve the efficiency of work completed at OC Animal Care. Projects are intermittent and are assigned to clerical volunteers as the need arises.


Volunteers groom shelter dogs to create quality bonding time between themselves and the dogs, thus increase a dog's adoptability. These dogs often come to us matted and dirty. This special attention from a grooming volunteer enables the dog’s true personality to shine through and increased his chance of being adopted. At this time OC Animal Care is unable to offer thorough grooming training, but we welcome those who possess grooming skills.

Kitten Nursery Attendant

Kitten nursery attendants help to feed, clean, and care for small kittens that are housed in OC Animal Care’s kitten nursery. These kittens are currently awaiting placement with a rescue organization or a foster home. With the help from these volunteers, OC Animal Care and its extensive network of foster caretakers and rescue organizations have saved thousands of underage kittens.

How can you get started?

To be considered for OC Animal Care’s volunteer program, you must first attend a volunteer orientation meeting. An RSVP is required in order to attend an orientation.
Please visit our upcoming orientations page for important orientation information.