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Volunteer Opportunities

We're excited to be onboarding more Volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering, please check out our Shelter Volunteer Requirements below and contact with your interest.

Our volunteer program continues to grow and is a necessary part of everyday life at OC Animal Care. Serving as a volunteer is extremely rewarding, educational, and fun. OC Animal Care volunteers are committed, caring individuals who positively impact the lives of our animals. The valuable support and service they provide are truly appreciated by the animals, staff, and visitors.

If you are searching for a rewarding experience and love working with and for animals, we invite you to join the OC Animal Care volunteer team. Volunteer opportunities are available seven days a week.

We encourage you to explore the volunteer section of our website through the links below.


Community Service Projects

Community Service Projects are a great way for those under the age of 18 to earn service hours and help the pets at our shelter! Click here to see what community service projects you can complete to provide enrichment for our shelter animals! 


If you would like additional information about our community service projects or volunteer opportunities, please contact

If you would like to arrange the drop-off of a completed project, please contact .


Top 5 Reasons to Volunteer 

  1. Be part of the solution - You will be working with other individuals dedicated to helping homeless pets find loving homes.  Through public education, volunteers help spread the word about responsible pet ownership and the importance of adopting rather than shopping for pets.
  2. Meet new friends - OC Animal Care welcomes volunteers from all walks of life.  You will get to know quite a few friendly new faces and may walk away with a lasting friendship.
  3. Get some fresh air and exercise - Many of our volunteer positions encourage physical activity for the volunteer and the animal.  The health benefits are plentiful!
  4. Obtain relevant career/school experience - In today's competitive job market listing relevant volunteer service on your resume may give you an advantage.  Likewise, college admissions offices look favorably on volunteer service.
  5. Pets are the best listeners - After a stressful day, sometimes the best remedy is a furry head in your lap.