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Foster-to-Adopt Pilot Program

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What is Foster-to-Adopt? 

OC Animal Care’s Foster-to-Adopt Pilot Program is a new way to fall in love with a dog at OC Animal Care! The program offers potential adopters the opportunity to take select dogs home for two weeks before deciding if the relationship is meant to be.   


Benefits of Fostering-to-Adopt? 

During the Foster-to-Adopt period, your dog will have a chance to get to know you and show off their unique personality while at the same time, giving you the opportunity to learn if they are a good fit for your family. 

Keep in mind that your new furry friend will take time to adjust to their new home, so make sure to be patient and allow them the space and time necessary to get used to their new environment. Adjustment periods may vary depending on the animal. When fostering to adopt, you do not have to navigate this new and exciting time alone. You will have guidance and support from the OC Animal Care Foster Team to ensure the fostering process results in a meaningful and successful adoption match. 


Which dogs are eligible for the Foster-to-Adopt program? 

Eligible dogs are selected by the Shelter Team based on a compilation of information and include a variety of ages, sizes, and breeds.  New dogs are consistently added, and all dogs in the program have been fully vetted, vaccinated, spay/neutered and are current on dewormer and flea preventative.   


How do I choose a Foster-to-Adopt Dog? 

Visit in-person at the shelter 7 days a week during Viewing Hours from 2-5 p.m.  When walking through kennel areas in person, just look for the Foster-to-Adopt kennel tag! 

Coming Soon! You will be able to view Foster-to-Adopt dogs online 24/7 on our Dog Adoption page.  Just look for the "Foster-to-Adopt Me" banner on select dog profiles. 

A meet-and-greet visit with you and the dog you are interested in fostering-to-adopt is required and can often be accommodated the same day. 


What supplies are provided? 

OC Animal Care will provide you with a few essential supplies like a transitional amount of dry food, an ID tag, and a basic leash. In addition, standard veterinary care will be provided during the foster period. Our committed Foster Team will also be available by phone or e-mail to guide and support you with any questions or concerns along the way. 


What paperwork will I need to fill out? 

Before you take a Foster-to-Adopt dog home, you will fill out a foster agreement as well as adoption forms.  Don’t worry, the adoption form will not be processed until you are ready to move forward.   


What to do when I’m ready to adopt? 

When you are ready to adopt your foster dog, just email our Foster Team. We will update the animal’s information, and a member of our Adoption Team will then call you to finalize your adoption over the phone.  At that time, you will pay any applicable adoption fees and dog licensing fees.  


What happens if it isn’t the right fit? 

Email our team.  We will work with you to schedule a time for you to bring your Foster-to-Adopt dog back to the shelter.  We’ll ask you to share a bit about your time together and help you choose another candidate who may be a better fit with you, your family and your lifestyle.  


But I feel bad returning the dog… 

You shouldn’t.  Adopting a dog is a big commitment, and it is important that it’s the right fit for both you and the dog.  Plus, you gave them a much-needed break from the shelter.  You spoiled them for two weeks, and the information you are able to now share with us about the dog’s personality will help us find them their perfect match.  


How can I get more information? 

Please call 714-935-6848 or e-mail us at