Canine Rabies Vaccination Exemption Requests

In 2011, Governor Jerry Brown signed Molly’s Bill (AB 258), which amends the California Health and Safety Code to provide an exemption from the rabies vaccination requirement for a dog whose life would be endangered due to disease or other considerations that a licensed veterinarian can verify and document on an annual basis.

In order to comply with the California Code of Regulation, Sec.1920, and Orange County Health Code, Sec. 4-1-60, the requests for exemption of rabies vaccinations must be on an approved form signed by a licensed veterinarian, and shall include a signed statement by the dog owner acknowledging they understand the consequences and liability of having a dog that is not vaccinated.

In the future, please complete and fax the following forms to (714) 935-6373:

1. County of Orange Supplemental Form for Canine Rabies Vaccination Exemption Requests

2. Rabies Vaccination Certificate

3. Canine Rabies Vaccination Exemption Forms: FAQs

Requests not accompanied by all required documentation, listed above, shall not be processed. If approved, exemptions are valid for one (1) year only. If the animal is unable to be immunized the following year, a new exemption request must be submitted.

If you require additional information or clarification, please contact Orange County’s Rabies Control Desk by telephone at (714) 796-6421.