Success Stories

News ImageOliviaEager to open our hearts and home to a new puppy, we wanted to go the adoptive route and save a puppy from one of our local animal shelters. When we came upon OC Animal Care, after just one visit, it was love at first sight! Olivia was in kennel number 174; 5 month-old stray found near the area, waiting for a loving home. When she became available for adoption Ron and I jumped to be one of the first ones in line to adopt.


News ImageTigerI couldn’t ask for a better dog!! He can be a bit mischievous but he is the biggest and I mean the BIGGEST cuddle bug ever! He was scared of almost everything in the very beginning but he’s the happiest dog ever now! Tiger knows more than 20 sign language signs since I am deaf and only communicate with him through sign language. He’s also a service dog; he’s the most amazing baby boy! People say he’s a really smart dog. However; he needs a friend, so I’m considering adopting again. Thank you so much for Tiger! I love him more than anything!

News ImageSadieWhen we visited, Betty, the staff member helped us a lot!! We adopted Sadie (her name at the shelter had been “Horseshoe”) that day! She needed some dental work which we took care of immediately. She loves her older sister Tiffany –that took a few months!! She has a fat tummy now!! And we love her so much! Thanks to your staff, she has a beautiful and loving home. She’s a real sweetie!!

News ImageHunterThe first night we brought Hunter home, he was very shy. As the days went by Hunter warmed up to me. He knows when I’m home and when he hears me hang up my keys he’ll come out from under the bed. Hunter has learned a lot in a short time and he is very good! Hunter is eating well, drinking water and knows how to use a cat litter box. I live with Debbie who is 100% disabled and I do everything to make Debbie and Hunter very happy. I am disabled also but I make sure Hunter and Debbie have a good home. We don’t have any kids which works at well and our apartment is small but Hunter doesn’t mind at all. At times he runs around and plays like a little kid! Hunter is our only cat and likes to sleep on the bed at night. He also likes playing with my beard, I look like Santa! Well thanks a lot!

News ImageBoomerBack in December my boyfriend and I adopted Boomer from The OC Animal Shelter. When we got him his fur was so long and ratty it had started to dred, he was owner relinquished because they said he was too hyper and was impossible to potty train. Boomer is now fully potty trained and has been for a few months. He loves walks and guarding the house while we are away. He is a playful pup but knows when mom and dad want to relax. On behalf of our little family, I would like to thank the Orange County Animal Shelter, as well as Boomer's previous owners for allowing us to have boomie brighten our day everyday. Thank you!