Success Stories

News ImageTemoWe had recently lost both of our dogs within a month of each other. Fluffy (Golden Retriever) and Milo (Chocolate Lab). They meant everything to my family. We tried to keep Milo’s morale up when his best friend passed away but sadly 27 days later he passed away as well. We were devastated. I couldn’t help myself from gong onto OC Animal Care’s site, now it was time that I could save a life. Funny thing is Temo ended up saving me. Thank you OC Animal Care for your great staff and volunteers!

News ImageCapWe were nervous when we first decided to get a dog. We were a 3 cat family and I have always been protective of them, having had cats killed by a trusted dog. Our first attempt at a dog did not work for that reason. Heart broken, we half-heartedly looked for our perfect match. Just before I was about to give up, we passed a dark seemingly empty kennel. A small, terrified little black dog stepped out of the dark and gave a meek little wag of his curly tail. I knew immediately he was our dog.
The first thing he did in his new home was lift a leg and pee on our laptop! A lot of confidence boosting and potty training later he is a whole new confident, sweet, loving, doggy. I tell him he’s my handsome prince! We also adopted another rescue dog to keep him company. While he grew attached to the cats, they don’t was to play as often as he does so he has his sister to play with.
He is a part of a big, happy family with lots of love to go around! He is my spoiled rotten, handsome prince!

News ImageEmberIn May of 2012 I met a liver Dalmatian at OC Animal Care and instantly fell in love with the spotted girl. A couple of years earlier I had lost my first Dalmatian and was just waiting for the right spotted dog to come into my life. The 11 month old spotted girl with the big gold eyes became Ember and became part of my heart and family.
When I first brought Ember home she was a little shy but you could tell she just wanted to please. I started taking Ember to obedience classes to work on her confidence and then we started in Agility. Ember never ceases to amaze me!
I’m grateful to OC Animal Care for the work they do! I don’t know anything about where Ember came from. I do know that it’s because of the work that OC Animal Care does that a lost Dalmatian was brought to the shelter – to safety. It’s because of the work they do that I became Ember’s fur-ever home and for that I am forever grateful!

News ImageMorrieDear OC Animal Care,
I just wanted to send you guys a saying Merry Christmas from my heart to yours. In August, I came to your shelter and adopted “Sherman” his new name is “Morrie”, a little Cairn Terrier mix, age 7. I have struggled with an eating disorder for a long time and was just about at death’s door when Morrie and I met for the first time. While to everyone close to me, it seemed like the worst time for me to bring a pet into my life, I needed to take Morrie home with me as much as he needed to go home with me. I would soon have to leave him in the care of my parents so I could get the help I needed. But prior to me leaving and afterwards he had given me something to live for on the days that other reasons to do so didn’t feel like enough. We have since moved to Oregon to be closer to family. In an almost funny way, Morrie and I have both made leaps and bounds in getting healthier together. They say sometimes it is the littlest things that take up the biggest place in your heart and that is exactly what Morrie has done for me. Without all of you, none of these miracles would have happened. Thank you for brining such a wonderful companion into my world. I will forever be thankful to the entire OC Animal Care team and the holidays seemed like the perfect time to say it. Thank you for brining much needed hope into both of our lives. We will never forget you!
Best Wishes,

News ImagePookieI adopted Pookie on November 8, 2001 and he was a little over a year old. He passed away of a heart attack on January 7, 2014. Pookie never howled and he never begged, he was my best friend for 13 years.