Success Stories

News ImageSteve FrenchHandsome Steve French has found his forever loving home! His new family shared some kind words about their new pet! "We are very grateful for our new baby Steve French (Aka Jagger). He is still super cuddly and sweet!!"

News ImageBuster and LuckyWe adopted a bonded pair of Chihuahuas on Nov 4th 2016 and just wanted to update you all on how they are doing.
They were 2 males 4 & 6 years old- known as Burrito and Queso. We had come to the shelter when you guys had the free adoptions; looking for one and ended up with the pair. Luckily for us- they are adjusting well & seem pretty happy. We have 2 kids, a boy 13 & a girl 9 and they are still begging to help walk, bathe, & etc so both the pups get plenty of love & attention between all of us.
Since they have come home they are not as shy or timid as before. They walk everywhere (pet store, park & etc) We named them Buster (tan) & Lucky (white). Buster is quiet the licker & a lover and is no longer skittish. He is so sweet, comes running and lays down at our feet when we come home and loves his belly rubbed. And has been fully house trained since day one! Where Lucky still is a little skittish. Loud noises or if he isn't paying attention he will get startled and bolt. But Lucky also loves the affection & gets very excited for walks and when he see us. Only thing with him that we are still working on is house training. And I know you said he wasn't eating there, but my daughter hand feeds him his dog food... so he has been eating since he came home. :) Both are learning commands like come, stay, wait, leave it, & TREAT of course! Both sit & beg for treats. <3 They are soooo cute! They kept squeezing into one dog bed even though they each had one, so we got them a bigger one to share. And both are good with the rabbit who is bigger than them lol.
We are truly enjoying our little additions to our family. I hope many other animals found their forever homes and are doing well. Thank you for adding to our family what we were missing.Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

News ImageHamiltonI went to the shelter because I knew my daughter wanted a puppy and there was a Shih Tzu puppy that was newly added to your website the night before. By the time the shelter called my number, the puppy had been adopted, so I asked to see another dog. The dog I asked to see was shy, so I didn’t think he would be suitable for my daughter and our cat. As I was walking back to the front office, a dog named Hansel smiled at me. I approached him and he licked my hand and my heart melted. He wasn’t what we had expected. He is a Shih Tzu but he is 7 years old and blind in one eye. He and I spent a few minutes together in the yard and I knew that he was our dog! He has lived with us for a month now and he is a great joy! He is happy and healthy and bonded with our whole family even the cat. We are his forever home and he is ours. He can sit for treats now, stay on walks, and fetch his ball. He loves his monster doll, his bed and his blanket-although he tends to end up sleeping on our beds. He loves to cuddle on the sofa and give kisses and to trot in the park and play with other dogs. We never saw Hamilton coming and our story could be any family’s, as long as they are willing to look beyond the pictures online, meet a great dog at the shelter and welcome a new (but not necessarily young) member of the family.

News ImageLolaMy name was Cali. Its now LOLA, after some hippie song my mom likes. I was your office pet and you guys found me a great home with my mom, my auntie and my papa. After my new extended family came to meet me, they brought me toys. I promptly hid them all, and now I am the only one who knows where they are!
I have a big yard to play in and I like to chase lizards. My auntie is always in trouble for giving me too many treats. My mom takes me on walks every day, and while I hate car rides, my mom is trying to patiently work with me on this. My mom and auntie are massage therapists, so I get long deep massages often. This is a home where I get lots of love. But I will tell you--they say I give far more than I take. Thank you all for loving us pets so much!

News ImageScoutThis is Scout with our other Terrier Mix rescue Maya. We adopted Scout in September 2015 from OC Animal Care. It has been 13 months and we just LOVE her! She is so sweet and loving. She is smart and easy to train. I wanted to give a home to an older, small dog and I'm so glad we did! She still has many years and love left to give even though she was 7 when we adopted her. She keeps our 3 year old terrier mix company. I hope that other families look at the smaller breeds that are over the age of 5 and realize that they have long and healthy lives ahead of them. We LOVE our Scout! Please, Please ADOPT and don't be afraid to adopt a dog a little older. They know they have been rescued and chosen!