Success Stories

News ImageLucyI just wanted to say thank you for our little kitty, Lucy. She came with that name and she fits that name perfectly. She was 3 months old when we got her...and she was so very happy when we picked her up a couple days later after she was fixed. She has been a blessing since day one! I have had many cats in my life but Lucy is one that stands out. Your facility must care for these kitties because she seemed so very loved already. She didn't have any issues...other than being a normal wild kitten. She has been getting bigger and has been getting into everything like a child would. She loves the otehr kitty in our home...although he's still warming up to her. He's 14 years old and she's just a ball of energy so they do their own thing...till bed time and I find them curled up together.
I just wanted to thank all of the staff for her.

News ImageTotoI can't begin to tell you what a wonderful friend Toto is to me. She is at my side always and sleeps curled up next to me. She is extremely well behaved, house trained and comes when she is called. All and all perfect! Thank you for rescuing her and keeping her safe until we found each other! After losing two friends last year(both 14 years old) I thought I would never have another pet. Then I saw "Gretel" on the internet and fell in love. She has surpassed my expectations. I just can't say enough. Thank you once again!

News ImageCocoThank you for giving us Coco! Coco has motivated me to be more responsible. I couldn't love her more. Coco is an amazing dog-we are so happy to have her in our family!

News ImageNana and AikoI adopted two kittens from OC Animal Care last December. Their ID's were A1290851 and A1290850. I have since named them Nana and Aiko. They are both the sweetest cats I have ever encountered. They are happy and healthy and have grown so much since I have received them and have both vastly improved my quality of life. Everybody is so amazed at their sweet nature and how much they just want to hang out with people and cuddle. Literally the happiest cats I have ever met. So I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to adopt my two best friends and let you know they are in good hands. I hope you enjoy the picture, they sleep like this all the time!

News ImageZoeMy Angel Zoe

My husband and I found our little angel at the OC Animal Care in Orange in November of 2013. We lost one of our hairy kids and in the search of finding her my husband saw Zoe for the first time and fell in love with her. After losing both of our hairy kids 2 days apart in November we decided to adopt Zoe. She has been a true blessing to our little family! Zoe is a playful, obedient dog that loves attention and food.
Please consider adopting a little angel if you can physically and financially. :)