Success Stories

News ImageLincolnWhen I brought Lincoln home from OC Animal Care 5 years ago he had no name, no manners, no commands, no potty training. Did I mentioned he howled like a beagle on steroids?? He was clearly someone's neglected backyard dog. We went through a lot. Lots of expensive training, several moves, a few heartbreaks...I even studied abroad for a year without him. Today, things have calmed down and we have a wonderful life together. He's truly my best friend. We hike and camp together, he loves long bike rides. He's so sweet and well behaved, it's like he can read my mind. I love him so much. Thank you for saving a dog who has changed my life forever.

News ImageSidneyHi --
I know the folks who work and volunteer for the OC Animal Shelter probably don't hear enough good things about what happens to the adopted animals. When we adopted this little fella his name was Lt. Shorty, but we changed it to Sidney. We adopted Sidney in early December 2014 to keep our other cat Pudge company. We adopted an older kitten (6 months) because we wanted him to be near the same age as Pudge. My daughter is the one who told me about the OC shelter in Orange. Over the years she has adopted 3 great dogs from there.
When we first got Sidney, he was sick with an upper respiratory infection so we had to keep him in the guest bedroom for a week until he was done with his antibiotic. I was worried about bonding under those circumstances, but Sidney is one of the more tolerant cats I've ever known - he almost seemed to like the antibiotic! He's a pretty good car rider, too - our vet is in Yorba Linda and from Seal Beach can be a pretty long haul.
I think Sidney must have had a hard start in life, because he rarely passes the food bowl without munching a few - he's getting quite a large butt! :-) I've been considering letting the food bowl go empty for part of the day to keep him from eating more than he should. Otherwise he is just a happy, affectionate fella who is a delightful part of the family.
We decided to adopt a black one because we heard they don't get chosen as quickly. Sidney and Pudge are pals and they share the ottoman when we are in the living room watching TV.
Sometimes Sidney gets the whole thing to himself. Sidney is a neighborhood celebrity - almost everyone on our block knows him by name because he is so friendly. He's quite a character. And we love him dearly!
Thanks for all the good you do - I hope these photos brighten your day.

News ImageBarneyWe adopted Fox, a white and tan, Fox Terr. Mix at the Pet Expo in April from OC Animal Care. We changed his name to Barney. He loves his new brothers Jake/Lab and Boots/Terr. Mix they were both also rescues, Barney is so lovable he has fit right in. Barney is a fast learner. He knows how to use the Pet Door to go out into the backyard to go potty. He knows sit, stay and come commands. He can walk on a leash. Barney knows not to run out the front door, side gate and garage door. He sleeps in his crate all night with no crying, he is fully house trained.
We took him to his Vet for a checkup and the rest of his shots and he is also now licensed. I have begun walking Barney along with Boots every morning; he enjoys playing with Boots until they both crash for a long nap. We love Barney! He now has a good home and my grandkids love coming over and playing with him too. Thank you for giving us our new puppy!

News ImageBelleThis is Belle. On September 9, 2014, Belle was found roaming the Honda Center’s parking lot with 4 other siblings. They were picked up and brought to OC Animal Care by a Good Samaritan. Unlike the rest of her liter mates, Belle was not eligible for adoption due to a dental cyst that was caused by an unerupted tooth.
Thanks to funds from OC Animal Care’s Medical Pets Programs and the help of Dr. Murt from VCA All Care Animal Referral Center, Belle was able to receive the x-ray and CT exams needed and be seen by a dental specialist for an accurate diagnose. Luckily, it was not a tumor, but only a minor bone infection and all she needed were antibiotics. Belle went home with an Animal Control Officer and was on antibiotics for 30 days. Improvement was seen within the first week and by the end of the 30 days the abscess was completely gone.
Belle was adopted on March 28, 2015 and is now part of a family who loves and spoils her!

News ImageJackieTwo days before Christmas 2014 I was looking online for a new companion. My dog of 14 years had passed away of old age two weeks prior. My family and I were looking for a new friend to add to our family and I came across Jackie. We fell in love with her sweet little face and big ears instantly. We knew once we visited with her, she was the perfect fit! We adopted Jackie on Christmas Eve! The staff and gifts they sent home with Jackie were amazing. Now Jackie has three new sweaters, a huge backyard to run around in, and 3 new cat friends she is friendly with. Her favorite snack is Beggin’ Bacon treats, she enjoys going on car rides and walks in the park. She has a loving family and gives unconditional love back to us. She has been a puuurfect addition to our home and has left her little paw-prints on our hearts! Thank you OC Animal Care for Jackie (also called Jacks or Jackie girl). Your wonderful services, shots, microchip, and easy adoption process has given our lovely Jackie her forever home!