Success Stories

News ImageLucy

Lucy is a joy to have in the house. She’s befriended her new brother and her aunt (they are both dogs). We all LOVE Lucy so much and now our household is her loving home. She’s sweet and then wants to paw at you! I love her anyway! She is a real joy.

News ImageKingdomHello OC Animal Care,
We wanted to write to THANK YOU!! for taking our dog Kingdom, who we adopted on November 1, 2014. If it was not for OC Animal Care, we would not ever have the chance to meet the newest and only boy of our family!! I put off having a pet for several years do to not having a place that would allow pets. Besides that reason, financially I was unprepared for a pet, and unfortuantly I had to put my 11 year olds biggest wish go having a dog! Now, life has picked up for my family! We were able to find an affordable place that is pet friendly and I was able to fulfill my daughters wish! Ever since we brought Kingdom home, our family changed completely! He has brought extra joy and happiness to each one of us! He is the most loving dog, playful pal, and little protector, and only boy in the family! Since my daughter is an only child she has found a bond and companionship with Kingdom, that makes me and my partner more than happy!!! Thank you again!! WE LOVE KINGDOM!!

News ImageShadowI lost my cat Sonic of 14 years to cancer on 8/12/14. On 8/22/14 we adopted Shadow from the OC Shelter. Shadow is amazing! It took a couple days to adjust but he is doing great! Adopting him from the shelter was my 1st time. The staff was pleasant and the adopting process was easy and reasonable pricing. Thank you!

News ImageTylerOn 9/13/14 we adopted our dog Tyler. We initially wanted to adopt a Husky but then my husband found Tyler our Pit bull. We were a little apprehensive since pit bulls have such a bad reputation, but volunteer staff said Tyler was nothing but playful and sweet. Tyler has filled our lives with love and excitement. He’s very energetic and loves going to the dog park. He’s very good with other dogs and is great with our kids too! He’s now completed his 5th week of obedience training and has learned new commands and is making progress to walking well on a leash. Tyler is sweet, smart, eager to learn and loves to give kisses. We are so glad Tyler came into our lives and are thankful for the opportunity to become his family!

News ImageTemoWe had recently lost both of our dogs within a month of each other. Fluffy (Golden Retriever) and Milo (Chocolate Lab). They meant everything to my family. We tried to keep Milo’s morale up when his best friend passed away but sadly 27 days later he passed away as well. We were devastated. I couldn’t help myself from gong onto OC Animal Care’s site, now it was time that I could save a life. Funny thing is Temo ended up saving me. Thank you OC Animal Care for your great staff and volunteers!