Success Stories

News ImageVioletI had a great experience at OC Animal Care recently to adopt a dog. After my precious Chihuahua passed away (also adopted from this shelter) I wanted to adopt another dog because the family was sad without her. One day I saw a Chihuahua on the website and came in to visit her and other dogs a couple of times. The volunteers and office staff were friendly and answered all of my questions.
I adopted Violet (formally Giovanna) at the April adoption event. She immediately settled in with the family. My other dogs were very happy to meet her. They all have fun playing together. She is well-behaved and housebroken. Violet now enjoys plenty of good food, treats, walks at the park and LOVE! I’m so thankful that she has become part of our family.

News ImageFlourBack in January a friend of mine was looking to adopt a dog, she knows I have a Bull terrier and love the breed. She went to OC animal care looking for a dog for herself but found a very shy, sweet, beautiful Bull Terrier. When she called me to tell me I though for sure on each of the rescues would snatched her up before I could get there, but I went anyway. When I got there she was still there. She cautiously approached the front of the cage and waged her tail asking me to pet her or for a cookie. I asked one of the staff members about her and they told me she was found wandering the streets and no one had come to claim her. She had recently been spayed (by them) and appeared to be a sweet, shy girl. I adopted her and brought her home. At first she was very timid, unsure of my husband and myself, but she got along well with our other dogs Pickles (a mini Bull Terrier) and Reegan (a whippet mix). Since then she has really come into her own. We named her Flour and loves to cuddle on the couch, can be rambunctious as only Bull Terriers can , scuttlebutting through the house at full speed, and loves meeting new people. She goes hiking, swimming, camping, or biking on weekends and loves car rides. She has brought so much joy to our lives and we can’t thank OC Animal care enough for uniting us with our new “daughter.” They were so friendly and made sure we had everything we needed to care for her and lots of info about caring for a new pet.

News ImageLeoWe adopted our kitty last Friday. We named him Leo. He's very sweet and loving! Thank you Karen and the OCAC staff for taking good care of all the animals. You all are amazing!

News ImageMeow WeberGoing into the shelter, the day I ended up adopting her my parents kept telling me that we just came to look and not buy. When I walked into the area where the cats were kept, I knew I couldn’t leave without one. I held a baby kitten first and then I held a two different colored eyed deaf cat. She caught my attention when she was playing with the cat above her by putting her paw out of her kennel into the other cat’s kennel. When I held her for the first time I knew she was the one. I begged my mom and she finally said yes. The only reason my mom and dad were tentative in adopting her was because we had a golden retriever at home. Today nine months after adopting Meow, she has become best friends with my dog Bear. They cuddle, play and sleep with each other. I am so grateful for OC Animal Care because if it were not for them, I would never have been given the chance to have Meow in my life.

News ImageLucky and AnnieI adopted Luck from OCAC in September of 2014 when he was 3 months old. I understand that he came into the shelter when he was 2 months old with 2 broken legs. He had apparently been hit by a car and sustained fractures to his left front leg and right hind leg. His legs were bandaged and he was placed into foster care for a month until his legs healed enough to allow him to be available for adoption. I was informed that he might have some residual problems in the future due to the nature of his fractures (one leg might be shorter than the other and/or he may have a permanent limp). He is now about 18 months old and seems to be getting around very well with very few problems.