Success Stories

News ImageRuby Red, Dora and SinatraOn "Clear the Shelters" Day we were determined to leave with a dog.We joined the long line at 10:17a.m. and we took turns walking through the kennels. We fell in love with Gwen (now Ruby Red), Ginger (now Dora) and Sinatra. While we were waiting in line we were told that someone was already adopting Ginger and Sinatra. So we waited 4 hours in 90 degree plus weather to adopt Gwen. When we got to the window we asked about Ginger and Sinatra and found out they were still available! We said YES! They are all so pretty and easy to train. We are a couple of happy furry families! Always ADOPT! Don't shop!

News ImageStinkyI have never been one to believe in buying purebred animals when they are so many homeless animals at our local shelters that are sitting in cages, awaiting a new home. Adopting Stinky has changed our lives. He came home as a skinny, scrawny adult cat, but was full of love and affection from the very first night. You will never know true love from a pet, until you adopt a homeless animal and give it the sense that they now have a home. Stinky is now a beautiful 13 pound cat with a long, smooth, shiny coat. He loves to play with strings, laser pointers, and
pretty much anything he can get his paws on. He sleeps with us every night, right in-between my husband and I, and he has no problem scooting either my husband or myself off of the couch so he can make a nice spot wherever he chooses. Everyone morning we wake up to a cat right in our face, because he’s ready for breakfast. Stinky is part of our family, and we are so grateful that the Orange County Animal Shelter housed him for 3 months before we adopted him.

News ImageSkipOC Animal Care partners with numerous rescue organizations in our communities, one of those organizations that we work with is Pathways to Hope. Skip was an OC Animal Care dog in search of a home and was chosen for Pathways to Hope's Cell Dogs Training Program at the beginning of the year. He was trained for Autism service work by inmate handlers at the California Institution for Women. Once he was placed with his new family (parents Yuliya and Dauren and 7 year old Sarah, Pathways worked with them for several weeks on training. A few weeks ago, they passed the Public Access Test (required for all service dogs)! Sarah, the 7 year old who has autism spectrum disorder, has bonded incredibly well with him and Skip has become a steady (and fun) companion at her various therapy appointments throughout the week. Yuliya and Dauren, the parents, are fabulous people. Skip couldn't have landed in a better home! A member of Pathways to Hope stated that “it's gratifying that he's doing great work with his new family and we're beyond happy that he's doing great work with his new family….Hopefully it (Skip’s story) will make more people aware of how terrific shelter dogs are!” Everyone here at OC Animal Care want to wish Skip and his new family the best and thank you to Pathways to Hope for all of the great work they do with shelter dogs!

News ImageAngesOn March 27th of this year a dog attacked my horse in O’Neil Park. It was a terrifying experience for me and I was one day at a time when 2 weeks later my 17 ½ year old cat passed away. I was at a very low point.
A few days after my cat died I went on the OC Animal Care website. There was only 1 cat I was interested in-Tabitha. I went to meet her. She was in her kennel lying there and would not open her eyes. The shelter helper took her out and we went into the meeting room. Tabitha hid the entire time, I went home and “slept on it.” I wanted to be sure I was ready for a new cat and not trying to replace my old cat. In the morning I called OC Animal Care and said I would be coming to pick her up.
Tabitha (now Agnes) didn’t make a peep the entire 30 minute drive home. She spent 10 minutes checking the new place out, then ran up to me and started purring and snuggling and she hasn’t stopped purring since! She is the sweetest, friendliest cat! My husband liked her right away and my 2 grown children liked her also when they came for Mother’s Day, Agnes has been my life-saver! Thank you for all you do for the animals of Orange County.

News ImageJacksonIn December of 2014, Sean and I lost our 12 year old Beagle/Harrier cross, Berkley to B-cell lymphoma, while the loss was crushing to us, we could not explain to our cat Mr. Kitty why Berkley did not come home. After, noticing that Mr. Kitty was experiencing stress from being an only pet, we decided that we needed another dog. However, living in a apartment meant that we were on the search for a dog that was an apartment friendly size but could still keep up with us on hikes and outdoor adventures.

Jackson, stepped into our lives to fill that void, a 2 year old Miniature Pinscher/Manchester Terrier cross. When Jackson came to Orange County Animal Care and Control with an injury to his left front elbow, luckily Jackson was able to get surgery on his leg with the assistance of Noble Friends Foundation. Jackson has been attending physical therapy at Muller Veterinary Hospital (Walnut Creek, CA) to get back the strength in his leg and is now doing superbly! He enjoys his friendship with Mr. Kitty, going on long walks, chasing squirrels and riding in the car. He is a ham and charms all those who meet him!