Success Stories

SkyeI adopted Skye, a pit bull, on Saturday. She's amazing, fantastic, easy to train and very relaxed. She gets along great with people and animals. I highly recommend adopting. I highly recommend adopting a pit bull because they are a misunderstood breed. They are very loving, caring and nurturing dogs.

News ImageWilloughbyI adopted Willoughby on 4/11/16 and we bonded immediately. I recently lost my female Chi on 3/27/16 at 12 years. I needed to mend the big hole in my heart but more importantly—I wanted to give a great home with love to someone less fortunate. Ours was a perfect match and Will has now blended beautifully with our 2 cats and basically rules the house… In a good way! He is so sweet, friendly and affectionate. I couldn’t be luckier to own such an awesome little guy. Thank you to all for the noble and important work you all do!

News ImageTinoWe just adopted male kitty "Streamers" (ID# A1473254, kennel C15) today, August 29th from your shelter. I adopted two cats from your shelter 15 and 16 years ago. My boy, who looked just like Streamers, died last October and I've been devastated. My 16 year old girl kitty, Harmony, is still alive. Little Streamers must be my beloved Valentine boy reincarnated and given back to me, as he is as much of a love as my Valentine was. Thank you for filling my heart with joy again, and holding onto him for as long as you have (and so many grown up kitties too) He was meant for me. Here is his picture (we can wait till his neutering is done to bring him home)!

Update: "Streamers now Tino is happy in his new home! Thank you for keeping him!"

News ImageRoy the Rescue RoosterOC Animal Care gets a wide variety of animals into our shelter who are in search of a loving forever home. Silvia was a hen who found herself at OC Animal Care in search of a new home. Thank you to her wonderful new owners, one of our very own OC Animal Care volunteers, for giving this chick a home to call her own…… “Roy the Rooster was lonely after his long time hen friend "Ruby" passed away. Silvia the Hen was at the OC Shelter looking for a home so.....Although at first Silvia smaller size concerned her new owners; however that concerned vanished immediately as Roy and Silvia met one another with much happy clucking and crowing. Silvia presents us daily with a little white egg.” To view a list of “Other” pets looking for homes please visit:

News ImageChocolate Chippz a.k.a. ChippersI just lost two Chihuahuas that I had for 13-14 years and I was in such pain. I swore I would never have another pet and go through losing another animals that I loved. A friend of mine who rescues Golden Retrievers from shelters emailed me a picture of this small Chihuahua mix with the saddest eyes and told me I had to go get him. When I saw those eyes I was hooked. Long story short and a last tearful good-bye to Summer and Autumn’s sweaters, leashes, dishes, I went to get this little boy who someone named Clyde.

It was love at first sight. I wanted to pick him up and hug him immediately. I signed the papers, wrote my check and then found out I couldn’t take him home yet, he had to be given shots, be fixed, etc. I was told that he was a stray and picked up off the streets. I can’t believe anyone would ‘throw away’ such an adorable dog. I went home very unhappy with the human race.

A couple of days later, he or Chocolate Chippz as he is now known as, was ready to go home. I put Chipper (that’s what he answers to plus every endearment known to man) on the passenger side of my car but he wasn’t having it. He is the only dog I know that hates to ride in a car and he was riding on my lap; I think he gets carsick.